What others are saying…

Testimonials from RandR Home Buyers in Northern Colorado:

When we decided to have a new home constructed we found R & R Homes to have the best plans and the highest quality of construction practices. It was a pleasure to work with R & R Homes from start to finish. They were agreeable to the changes we wanted to make to the standard plan and we feel we ended up with a semi-custom home. Some of the standard features in an R & R Home are granite countertops in the kitchen, beautiful tile work in the bathrooms and hardwood floors. Also the finished construction in the garage with painted, textured walls, ceiling and oak baseboards; complete landscaping and sprinkler system installation in both front and back yards; and fencing made our new home completely ready to live in on the day we moved in. These standard practices overcame a couple of seasoned homebuyers objections to purchasing a brand new home. R&R Homes was willing to finish the basement to our specifications .We have been in our R & R Home since November, 2005, and couldn’t be happier.

~ Leighton Millar and Rosanne Knight-Millar

“It would be difficult to find a building contractor in the Fort Collins – Loveland area that provides as much quality and value in a house as R &R Homes. The added bonus is that they are easy to work with and are involved in every step of the construction process.

This is the third house we have built. The main things we look for in a builder are a good reputation, quality workmanship and the willingness to work with us in the customizations to make it our home. R & R had all of this and more. We can’t say enough about how willing they were to accept our ideas and make them a reality. They have an excellent reputation and are honest and above board in every aspect of the home building process. Their sub-contractors are all very professional as well and do excellent work. R & R Homes will communicate with you at every step to let you know what is going on and will always seek your direction if necessary. They provide realistic estimates of completion dates and do everything within their power to meet it.

The basic structure, from the foundation up, is all quality construction and includes energy efficient items as well. They provide many extra components that will give you a trouble free home for years to come.

Of the three homes we have built, this has certainly been the most positive experience we have had. We would not hesitate to have them build another home for us or to recommend them! ”

~ Paul and Jane Meyer

“I was extremely pleased with the entire building process with R&R Homes from beginning to end. The fact that everything was included at a fair price, and completed the highest standard of quality, really made me feel like I was getting more than my money’s worth. Most other “custom” home builders I looked into not only charged more, they actually delivered less. Thanks to my first experience, I’m already starting to plan for my second R&R Home.”

~ Justin Crowley